About us

Hilvard is a destination where you can create harmonious living spaces that inspire comfort, productivity and happiness. This is achieved through the range of sustainable Living, Lifestyle and Organize products.

Hilvard’s mission is to improve life in terms of convenience, efficiency and pleasure by offering a high-quality range of products at friendly prices. Hilvard strives to continuously improve the quality of the products so that the collection is always adapted to the wishes and needs of the customers.

Hilvard envisions a world in which everyone can effortlessly transform their living space into a house of comfort and efficiency. By using innovation and unparalleled convenience, Hilvard wants to bring about a revolution that inspires a lifestyle that focuses on a well-organized and comfortable life.


  • Quality as standard
    We apply a standard of uncompromising quality in everything we do. Our products are carefully selected and formulated to ensure they meet the highest standards, paving the way for lasting customer satisfaction.


  • Pleasure for the customer

    Our customers are the heart of our company. We strive to delight them with exceptional service, attention and a seamless shopping experience. We put our customers and their needs above all else. We listen, understand and anticipate their preferences to deliver a personalized shopping experience that exceeds expectations.

  • Innovation and adaptability
    We embrace innovation and continuously evolve to meet changing trends and customer demands. We foster a culture of creativity and encourage fresh ideas and progressive solutions to improve our product range and services.

Would you like to know more about our story or are you interested in a collaboration? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form or info@hilvard.com.